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Chisme and Chill

Mar 13, 2018

“So we gotta ask…”

Las Chismosas are at Las Vecinas! Las Vecinas is a Chicago event in Pilsen highlighting local Latinx musicians, artists, and vendors. In this episode we interview some of the artists and attendees at the event. Check out the links below to see where you can follow and support the people we talked to!

Subele:, IG @subele123

Jonathan:, IG @18thandwood

Joslyn: IG @joslynsinger

Jose: IG @J40t0

Paola: IG @PachucaSunrise_

Alejandra & Nino D: IG @aleeewhoaa, @ayyoesyonino

Denise: IG @commelafleurshop

Elizabeth & Anita: IG @juannarumbel, @anitapplebum14

Marc, Elena, & Jesus: IG @bringingrockblack, @18thandwood, @justonevintage

Rashad: IG @kingrico_

Audio Issues: Music was bumpin’ all night!

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